living with energy

this time is the sun

living with energy

this time is the sun

Installed Capacity

On December 2016 Infrapar detained a total of 6 operating solar projects on its portfolio, with a total peak power capacity of 26,91 MWp. Infrapar has 3 other projects under construction with a total of 2,05 MWp

Infrapar expects to continue the development of solar projects throughout the next years

CO2 Reduction

The production of electricity trough the sun substitutes production by other methods that release CO2

By matching the energy produced by Infrapar and the amount of CO2 emissions that this energy would result if produced by a CCGT unity, we can have an approximate number of Infrapar’s contribution for environmental sustainability


Infrapar’s shareholders have been able to provide the total equity required to complete the project portfolio

Infrapar aims to continue its investments on solar projects, raising funds from private investors

Accumulated investment (M€)


Installed peak capacity


The values on the graphics above include the installed peak power of each Infrapar’s project on operation and under construction and their average production on a complete year


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Start activity date

About us

Infrapar is a portuguese company, created during the year of 2013 with the aim to concentrate the investment interests of a group of private investments on developing, constructing and operating solar projects